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"The Will 
  determines the

          Oswald Spengler

Welcome to Jens Aldag in Hamburg

I am pleased that you've found my site.  

I'd like to introduce myself and become more tangible.

I am also happy to speak by phone or e-mail without obligation.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Within the framework of 'helping people to help themselves', there are processes created. The coach serves as a process facilitator who steers through these processes. In systemic coaching it is assumed that the coachee is the expert for their problem. This process is successful when the goal set by the client has been achieved.  

During consultation, the consultant brings professional skills and experience to the table. This is where professional advice and expertise come to the fore. In contrast to coaching, personal statements are made here. Depending on the task, there may be an overlap. 

"Go ahead," said the soul to the body, " it won't listen to me. Maybe it'll listen to you." ...
Ulrich Schaffer (*1942), photographer and writer

My focus is:

Founder and owner since 2002 - Coach since 2010 - Enthusiasm for new things since 1972 


Whether in business or private. The person always comes first.

I start here. 


As the founder, owner and  

innovator I accompany you in many areas of business life.

Franziska P

When I came to Jens I was stuck in a very difficult job situation. After just a few sessions I was able to assess myself and my situation differently, draw new energy from it and turn things around. I felt very comfortable and in good hands.


As a founder, I needed someone to discuss my idea with. My personal environment was unfortunately critical and not helpful. Jens took me seriously and put my project and me as a person through my paces. His experience and humorous nature made me start positively and keep going. Many Thanks.

Sonya R

Mr. Aldag was able to help me in a very difficult phase of my life. I am grateful that I dared this coaching and can only recommend it to everyone.  
I can recommend Mr. Aldag and would use his services again at any time. 
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