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My personal profile


Thinking outside the box

According to the Gallup Strength Test, my greatest strengths are activator and woo, futuristic-thinking, communication skills, and ideation. In fact, this describes my being, doing and living quite well. In addition, I enjoy traveling and visiting distant parts of the world. In my work, I draw on this and use my experience and insights to bring my clients into new parts of their unexplored possibilities and thus be happier and more successful. 

Work and education


  • Coach for business and private matters

  • Solution-oriented brief advice  

  • Advisor for start-ups and established companies

  • Merchant

  • I work in German and English


The most important stations

  • 2010 - Business Coach at VIEL in Hamburg

  • 2006 - MBA of Business at HWP in Hamburg,                          Emphasis on entrepreneurship

  • 2001 - BA of Business at UTS in Sydney, Australia                  Major - International Marketing

  • 1993 - Tradesman in wholesale and foreign trade                  (apprentice ship) at Art Material Intl. in                        Kaltenkirchen/Germany

Advanced training

  • Conflict advice 

  • Transactional analysis 

  • Communication psychology 

  • Resilience training 

  • Zurich  Resource Model

  • Psychodrama 

  • Mental strength 

  • Body language 

  • Etc.

Training institutes


  • German - mother tongue

  • English - C2 level

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